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Vignoble Domaine Bresee

Our Wines

Our winemaker offers uniqueness to our Domaine Bresee wines. The decision is made to keep our grape varieties separate throughout fermentation and aging. The final blends are performed right before bottling, once the wines have evolved to reveal all their true character and complexities. The resulting wines for our reds are dark and spicy, yet fruit-forward and our white and rosé wines bring a true freshness to the palette. The winery is proud to offer a total of 3 unique red wines, all with their specific characters and complexities, along with a fresh white and rosé wine, we also offer a special late harvest wine along with a soft wine (very similar to a port style). All proudly made in Quebec.


Bressoc Red

Bressoc Red 2019

Passionately cultivated, the Ste-Croix grape ravishes with its flavours of ripe fruit and notes of smoked wood and spices.

Pairing: The perfect companion to pasta, poultry, stews, light meals, and cheeses.

Serving temperature: Between 14 and 16°C


Bressoc White

Bressoc White 2020

A seductive wine emerges from the following five grape varieties. The finely pressed Ste-Croix (red grapes) is blended to the Vandal-Cliche, the Vidal, the Saint-Pépin and the Frontenac White (all green grapes). The palate, both elegant and supple, reveals generous flavours of tropical fruit, citrus and green apple.

Pairing: A wonderful companion to crustaceans, fish, poultry and can delightfully extend into the cocktail hours.

Serving temperature: Between 8 and 10°C


Mackenzie Parker

Mackenzie Parker 2018

This red wine is refined and complex, opening with aromas of soft notes of red fruit. The Ste-Croix grape receives its velvety taste and offers a subtle taste of vanilla due to aging in hybrid oak barrels.

Pairing: A fine companion to meats, pastas and cheeses.

Serving temperature: Between 12 and 15°C


Rosé Nessa

Rosé Nessa

This rosé reveals a nose of great complexity with rich aromas of summer fruit. The palate is fresh and light, offering generous flavours of red berries. The grape varieties of the Ste-Croix and the Seyval Noir evoke the taste of summer.

Pairing: A fine companion to light meals, fine cheeses and it is delectable as an apéro.

Serving temperature: Between 8 and 10°C


MP Reserve

Cuvée Mackenzie Parker Réserve 2018

This bold red wine, created from the Ste-Croix grape will bring you back to the early days of our winery with its rich clear ruby tones and intense aromas. 2 years in hybrid oak barrels, bring a soft, lush and well-balanced finish that will surprise and delight you.

Pairing: fine companion to meats, pastas and cheeses.

Serving temperature: between 12 and 15°C



Gavin 2021

This late harvest exquisiteness will charm with its well-balanced taste of tropical fruits. The grape variety of Vidal instills the taste of autumn and spiced pineapple. To be savoured chilled.

Pairing: elegant companion to desserts, fine cheeses and sorbets of any kind.

Serving temperature: between 6 and 8°C



Voila 2016

This wine delights with a deep ruby hue and reveals a nose of Porto. The velvety palate ravishes with flavours of prunes, toasted coffee and fresh pepper.

Pairing: excellent companion to cheeses and chocolate.

Serving temperature: between 10 and 12°C